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The shortest path to Kubernetes®

Get an application-centric delivery abstraction over k8s so that application teams can focus on building business
functionalities instead of spending time writing & maintaining thousands of lines of yaml/kube scripts or deal with k8s artifacts. HyScale makes app delivery to k8s fast, frictionless, standardized and repeatable.

shortest path
  • Minimize learning curve

    Deploy apps to Kubernetes without the steep learning curve of k8s concepts and complexities.

  • Accelerate adoption

    Do away with delivery friction due to custom scripts, manual steps, and complex workflows. Realize cost, efficiency, & scale benefits of Kubernetes faster.

  • Auto-containerization helps accelerate application go-live on k8s without worrying about containers and deployment artifacts.

  • Self-service experience makes delivery frictionless with clear hand-offs between developers and DevOps/ IT

  • Standardized delivery process for k8s gives teams stable and reliable app delivery every single time

  • Single pane gives granular visibility for apps across k8s clusters and helps keep a central track of every change made

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Any application. Any cloud. One delivery platform.


Application teams

Accelerate application delivery

  • Automatically containerize application services
  • Visually define service dependencies and their environments
  • Get a service-centric visibility of application delivery
  • Get one standard delivery process across application teams

IT/ Operations

Drive-up Kubernetes adoption

  • Set up a reliable and repeatable app delivery process to Kubernetes
  • Implement a no lock-in delivery pipeline for hybrid cloud
  • Get a single pane for application deployments across Kubernetes clusters
It decision

IT decision makers

Set the stage for modern IT

  • Save infrastructure costs by quickly adopting containers
  • Deliver to hybrid infrastructure without expanding DevOps teams
  • Reduce dependency on people and custom delivery practices
  • Maintain visibility and keep delivery fully transparent

Built from the experience of powering a leading container based aPaaS for the last four years

  • 70 +

    Containers provisioned simultaneously

  • 50K +

    Apps deployed to production

  • 100k +

    Containers provisioned per year

  • 45s

    Avg time taken to deploy and bring up entire stack

  • 10s

    Avg time to provision and bring up containers

HyScale powers high performance delivery

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