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HyScale gives an app-centric experience on Kubernetes, so that developers can focus on their app code, while all k8s to-dos are automatically managed under the hood

1-2-3-Kub-Web Created with Sketch. 3 2 1 Prepare HyScale spec Source Dev friendly Short and simple Declarative approach Invoke HyScale URL
works-img-01 Created with Sketch. Generates Docker files & images from packaged code like binaries, jar, war, scripts etc
works-img-02 Created with Sketch. Generates Kubernetes manifests using a declarative description of services/applications & configurations
works-img-03 Created with Sketch. Deploys manifests into directed clusters and returns a live service/app URL on Kubernetes

How it works


Declarative approach

Declare the deployment requirements for your service such as volumes, health-checks, environment properties, etc. all in developer lingo, and let HyScale generate necessary k8s manifests such as stateful-sets, PVCs, config-maps, liveness-probes and more.



Zero DevOps

Designed for agile app delivery teams. Deploy to any k8s cluster on any cloud for dev, test or delivery purposes. Integrate with your CI pipelines. Avoid back-and-forth with DevOps and eliminate delivery friction.

Command reference




  • Docker 18.09.x or above. Your Linux user should be part of the docker group and docker.sock should be present at /var/run/docker.sock (Default location)
  • Kubernetes authentication credentials kubeconfig file having the cluster token placed at $HOME/.kube/config
  • Image registry credentials at $HOME/.docker/config.json . Make sure config.json has the latest auth creds by logging into the image registry using docker login prior to deployment.

Power-ups for enterprise wide deployment



Docker file generation

Docker image builder

Kubespec generation

Deployment to any k8s cluster

Visual configuration and change control


Support for native services


Deployment tracking and history


Multi-cloud single pane


Deployment statistics


Curated image repo


Centralized security updates


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Power-ups for enterprise wide deployment


For individual developers and DevOps professionals

Open-source, Apache 2.0

  • Docker file generation
  • Docker image builder
  • Kubernetes abstraction & manifest generation
  • Deployment to any k8s cluster


For enterprise wide development and IT teams


  • All community features
  • Unified environment & config management
  • Curated IT catalogs
  • Centralized upgrades and rollbacks
  • Versioning and change tracking
  • Security scans and audit trails
  • Support for native services
  • Deployment visibility & statistics
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