• Autonomous delivery
  • Service-centric
  • No disruption
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Standardization
  • Change tracking

Minimal learning curve

Easily handle even complex container based application deployments. The platform automatically generates Docker-files, Kube-Spec (YAML) files and Docker images for your web applications.

Service-centric configuration

Simple and intuitive delivery

Service-centric interface allows developers to visually compose and manage dependent stack and configuration profiles. Avoid shadow container-DevOps with a clean handoff interface between development and DevOps teams.


No disruption to current processes

Plug to existing CI pipelines and instantly enable modern container based application deployment. Our pre-built plugins for Jenkins and APIs lets you fully leverage existing investments in CI automation.

hybrid deployment

One click to Kubernetes

Automatic kube-spec generation and native dependency resolver ensures that you can deploy applications in a click to Kubernetes clusters running across multi-cloud or hybrid infrastructures

Image Catalogs

Best practices and reuse across deployments

Instantly convert existing shell scripts into base images and create a central repository of service images and configuration templates. Expose it as a searchable catalog for application teams to use.

Change tracking

Clean and accountable delivery

Get visibility of changes to application containers. View and compare versions, maintain history of application changes across environments.