• Auto-containerization
  • Self-service
  • Standardization
  • Single pane

Auto-containerize applications

Quickly containerize traditional apps and scale microservices deployments in production with auto-containerization
  • Bring in declarative service definitions of the application’s services and HyScale automatically generate Docker-files, Kube-Spec (YAML) files, Docker images
  • Integrate with existing CI pipelines or import existing shell scripts to generate base images
  • Export generated YAML files without lock-in
  • Deploy to Kubernetes in a click

Self-service DevOps

Traditional delivery is infra-centric, HyScale enables delivery that’s service-centric. This means development teams can do delivery without DevOps friction
  • Visually compose app-stack. Specify base images, app artifacts & config with minimal effort
  • HyScale’s app-centric interfaces provide easy config for application teams
  • Visual Configurator makes it easy to manage environment configurations
  • Minimize operational friction (setup, configuration, provisioning etc)
  • Self-service with instant provisioning on any cloud

Standardized frictionless delivery

Reduce delays due to custom processes and tools by standardizing on one process across teams for delivering applications to Kubernetes.
  • Implement a seamless handoff interface between developers and DevOps/ IT
  • On-board existing shell scripts using HyScale's package manager and auto-convert scripts into base images
  • Enable stack consolidation by creating and maintaining a central catalog of IT-approved base stacks
  • Expose catalog as a searchable interface for application teams to use

Single pane view across hybrid infrastructure

Visibility for applications across Kubernetes clusters in multiple clouds
  • Single-pane view of environments across hybrid infrastructures
  • Visibility into service deployments with deployment history
  • Avoid drifts by comparing configs between different environments