Kubernetes adoption

Quick adoption of k8s without any delays due to ad-hoc delivery processes and developer learning curve


Kubernetes leverage
Increase Kubernetes usage beyond the initial set of apps to unlock operational efficiency and cost benefits


continuous delivery
Centrally control enterprise wide application deployments to multi-cloud Kubernetes clusters

Enterprise features

HyScales’ Automation core helps accelerate k8s adoption by enabling teams to quickly deploy to Kubernetes without learning curve delays. The Management hub augments the core with deeper controls around multi-cloud deployment visibility and management

For enterprise wide development and IT teams

License : Commercial

Visibility & tracking

Change tracking and history

Get visibility of config changes. View and compare versions, maintain history of changes across environments.

Multi-cloud single pane

Single-pane view of app environments deployed across k8s clusters in hybrid infrastructures. Control which teams or users deploy to a given cluster.

Deployment statistics

Gain visibility into your application’s deployment velocity, deployment failure rates, and mean-time-to-recovery after failed deployments.

Security & control

Curated Images Repo

Create a central repository of hardened & tuned base images, and configuration templates for use across app teams

Config Change Control

Verify changes made to the deployment configuration of any service and confirm such changes to be taken into each environment.

Security scanning

Enable scanning of images for vulnerabilities with built-in Clair scan integration.

Manage Security Updates

One-click deployment to Kubernetes clusters running across multi-cloud or hybrid infrastructures with a single-pane view of environments across.

Standard process

App-stack and one-click deploy

Easily onboard apps with several microservices and dependencies using HyScale’s app-centric interfaces & spec files. Provide easy config, quick provisioning and 1 click deploy with ‘app blueprints’.

Support for native services

Easily deploy k8s native backing services such as sidecars & ingress controllers

For individual developers and DevOps professionals

License : Open-source, Apache 2.0

Docker file generation

On-board your existing shell scripts using HyScale’s package manager and auto-convert scripts into docker files & base images

Docker image builder

On each deployment, HyScale automatically builds the docker images with the given spec of base images, app artifacts & config. Enable fast & scalable builds with our Kaniko integration.

Kubespec generation

HyScale’s service centric definitions abstracts all k8s complexities and enables you to automatically generate Kube-Spec (YAML) files

Deployment to any
k8s cluster

One-click deployment to Kubernetes clusters running across multi-cloud or hybrid infrastructures with a single-pane view of environments across.

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