App-centric DevOps

Our approach enables better collaboration between development and operations teams with unmatched agility, security and visibility. With HyScale enterprise apps are always front and centre and any modern infra is a detail under the hood.


Fully managed, pre-integrated and abstracted Kubernetes

  • Uniform across enterprise

    Roll out hardened automations, optimize resource utilization for each app instance and streamline cluster usage via self-service

  • Quick way to start

    Dockerize en masse and make traditional apps portable. Leverage capabilities of one specific cloud or across hybrid infra

  • Tameable at scale

    Scale out reliably with consistent delivery and get single global visibility layer for on-premise and multi-cloud deployments

  • Easy to operationalize

    Enable existing admin teams get hands-on with K8s using a consistent and integrated set of plug-n-play tools

  • Straight forward for teams

    Provide abstractions that accelerate deployments and enable developers to modify apps without impacting infra


Our expertise

Kubernetes set-up, management and operations

Migration of workloads to Kubernetes

Consolidation of delivery tooling for traditional and modern apps

Cloud-native DevOps and best practices for hybrid infrastructure

Leveraging 'cloud-native' tech like containers and K8s needs a fundamental shift in app deployment lifecycle. This involves thinking afresh on automations, workflows, visibility and even deployment strategies. Check your readiness with our free assessment.


Platform powered migration

Continuous Integration

  • Reliable delivery automation for both traditional and emerging microservices based workloads
  • Fast & resilient delivery workflow to K8s across multi-cloud & on-prem infrastructure
  • Platform-enabled DevOps best-practices for enterprise wide application teams

Migrating microservices applications to Kubernetes can be a daunting task. In this webinar, we discuss our unique approach to migrate a microservices-based platform to Kubernetes.

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Full spectrum services

K8s setup and operations

  • Cluster provisioning
  • Cluster configuration using best practices
  • Cluster upgrade and resizing
  • Cluster monitoring, logging and security configuration

Accelerated application migration

  • App readiness assessments for 'cloud-native'
  • App containerization and onboarding
  • Automated delivery pipeline DevSecOps best practices
  • Centralized operations management

App-centric CI/CD to Kubernetes

  • Platform powered delivery workflow
  • Declarative, self-service deployment
  • Hardened defaults for required toolings
  • Custom integrations to best of breed OSS tools
  • Single pane of glass for hybrid infra deployments

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